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Local Authorities

Only by working together can we achieve the best for children and young people looked after.

Working with us

We believe in working closely with each Local Authority we have placements with through establishing good communication channels. At TFCA we offer regular updates regarding the children and young people to allocated social workers and placements teams and complete self-assessments for monitoring purposes.

TFCA has a good awareness of the priorities of each Local Authority we work with and our recruitment and business growth plan reflect this. VOX events are organised to promote children and young people’s participation.

Success stories feature in TFCA’s newsletter. These stories are inspiring to children, young people and all of those with whom they have meaningful relationships.

TFCA takes pride in being present in the community and getting involved. We participate in local events such as Race for Life, local farmer’s markets and food festivals, family awareness days, People’s Days and other community events. We are also involved in raising awareness and funds for local charities.

The main focus of our professional drive is to deliver a service with the highest quality standards. Our Ofsted report is a reflection of our dynamic and responsive drive. We have built strong relationships with commissioners and services in the community and we like to be known for offering a personalised approach, with attention to detail.

Support to Foster Carers

TFCA strives to work in partnership with services provided by Local Authorities to improve the outcomes of children and young people and their families in the area they live in. We believe that this will only be effective if we work together to maximise our impact on improving their lives through joint effort and sharing of resources.
TFCA is aware of Children and Families Plans and aims to offer services and joint work that promote the priorities of those plans, local authorities’ visions and principals.

We aim to recruit families able to offer placements in their local borough to ensure that children and young people that need to be looked after remain in their community and attend local schools. We are proactive in keeping effective communication and integrated working to improve outcomes. We have a long history of good partnership working in regards to placements for children with complex needs and challenging behaviours. We offer matches carefully considered and packages that offer support in the specific areas of need identified.

Foster carers, their families and children and young people looked after are encouraged to develop networks in their communities. This will enable them to maximise the use of resources available to them and will increase safety for children and young people looked after, especially for those that are most vulnerable.

Social Workers are equipped with the required knowledge, skills and experience to deal with the requirements and challenges of the role. They have 24/7 access to their line managers in order to seek advice and feel confident in their contribution in identifying and managing concerns regarding child safeguarding and wellbeing. Foster carers have 24/7 access to a Social Worker in the team.

Placements Stability

Settled children are happy children.
TFCA has a record of infrequent incidents of young people going missing. When these incidents take place carers and staff follow rigorous processes and take appropriate actions. Supervising Social Workers work co-operatively with Local Authority Social Workers in accessing the provision of the Children’s Independent Return Home Interview Service, when appropriate. Information regarding the “runaway helpline” has been cascaded and a poster displayed in the office. The Supervising Social Worker assesses each incident and ascertains issues of risk associated with the child’s safety and wellbeing, notifies management and ensures that actions agreed are followed up to raise safety levels.

Education is paramount, carers are proactive in establishing good communication with schools and education settings and to involve the children in their education plans. All our carers have access to Encyclopedia Britannica, which is adapted for children with learning disabilities in a subtle way that doesn’t differentiate them from the other children in the household accessing this e-learning tool. Carers are supported in using pupil premiums to promote learning opportunities and educational achievement. TFCA has three education advisors who can be consulted on all matters related to education and can offer support to reduce young people that are NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training).

TFCA is committed to reducing criminalisation of young people by increasing partnership work with the police and probation services and working with experienced carers in guiding young people in managing and preventing risk taking behaviours.

Quality of Service, Inspections and Complaints Procedures

TFCA aims to achieve best outcomes for each child and young person in the care of our foster carers. We share, celebrate and review their progress throughout their journey in fostering.
TFCA’s quality assurance systems are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that we deliver safe and effective fostering services to children and that our operation complies with legislation and regulation and meets or exceeds National Minimum Standards.

The managers maintain a matrix of audits and logs to track social work practice and record keeping. These are used to establish whether care standards and good practice and the progress of Children Looked After is consistently followed up and ensures that where there are gaps and areas to address remedial action is taken promptly.
We seek the views of the Local Authority, children and young people external agencies and education services to obtain multiple perspectives.

Complaints and allegations are dealt with promptly and reported to the appropriate placing authorities.
The Registered Manager monitors the matters set in Schedule 6 and Schedule 7 of the Fostering Services Regulations 2011. Where there are patterns identified or problems these can be identified and understood and action taken to address them. All notifiable events are efficient and timely reported to Ofsted.

We take pride in high management visibility and accessibility at all our events and through regular communication with carers and children


“I believe they think carefully before making offers of placements”, Commissioner reported to Ofsted inspector.
Referrals made to The Foster Care Agency are handled through good communication between the placements team and the Supervising Social Workers. We pride ourselves on the personal service that we are able to offer to local authorities and to our Foster Carers. The success of our placements is related to excellent matching and good working relationships.

A matching assessment is completed for each child evidencing the criteria used and decision making processes based on individual needs and risks related to their care.

TFCA formulates packages of care that are based on the principals of social value aimed at offering children and young people fostering experiences that are sustainable and will enable them to progress in life.

Emergency Duty

Our out of hours service is staffed by Social Workers. This means that if our carers have a problem they can speak to someone who will have knowledge of the children in their care and will be able to advise accordingly. The out of hours service is backed up by a manager at all times.

Please call us on 01273 463100 or email placements@thefostercareagency.org.uk
for out of hours and emergency placements.

For more information about our agency please do not hesitate to call us on: 0808 1788 909