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Holiday Hero – A Fostering Story

Marios - Everyday Hero Foster Carer
Marios – Everyday Hero Foster Carer


We have all sat through mundane training courses that seem to go on to no end. This short story will inspire you to sit up, pay attention and listen next time you catch yourself drifting off while in the classroom.

Marios is a single male foster carer and has been with The Foster Care Agency for over 5 years. Recently, he visited Cyprus to enjoy a family break with his foster daughter (14) his partner and her daughter (10) and son (6).  After a long day enjoying the Cypriot sun, Marios took the two girls to his local football club, P.T.S.K, to have a drink with the owner of the club and close family friend, Murat.

Marios and the girls were enjoying a quiet drink in the late afternoon when a commotion started at a nearby table in the busy eatery. Three locals had jumped to their feet as one of their companions seemed to be choking and frantically gesturing to his chest area. Marios looked on, after what felt like an eternity to him, as the friends were trying to help this troubled individual with no success. The man had just started to lose consciousness, when Marios’ foster carer first aid training kicked in. Marios initially put the man, who he later learnt was called Ahmet, into the recovery position. While doing so, Marios recognised that Ahmet had no pulse and that he was now not breathing.

At this point Marios one thought came into his mind, something that he had picked up from the trainer during the first aid course, ‘ANY FIRST AID IS BETTER THAN NO FIRST AID’. With this thought in mind Marios started chest compressions. He remembered to count in elephants ‘1 elephant, 2 elephant ….’. Being the caring person Marios is, he allowed himself a couple seconds to think about the girls who were potentially about to witness Ahmet’s death.

He asked them calmly to go outside and play.

After a few minutes of pumping Ahmet’s chest, his colour started to return and he gained some consciousness. A short while after this, the Paramedics arrived and took over Ahmet’s care, giving him oxygen and rushing him to the Nicosia hospital.

Marios later on learnt that Ahmet had suffered a heart attack, which wasn’t his first. Ahmet is now on his way to making full recovery. There is no doubt that if Marios had not stepped in, Ahmet would have lost his life.

Reflecting on the incident, one the of the girls said “I would like to become a nurse’ and the other said  ‘that it is more exciting than TV’. Marios knows that if he hadn’t had the first aid training, which is one of the core training groups in fostering, he wouldn’t have had the confidence to step in to help. When discussing the training offered by TFCA to its carers, Marios feels that they allowed him to grow as a person and pick up many skills that have been crucial to him and his fostering role.

We wish Ahmet a well and speedy recovery and thank Marios, not only in being a hero who stepped in when needed, but also being a fantastic foster carer to young people who, without such people like Marios, wouldn’t have such fulfilling lives.

Marios Everyday Hero Certificate

Marios was awarded June 2018 Foster carer Everyday Hero of the month in recognition of his efforts, both as a foster carer and for saving Ahmet.