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Fostering with The Foster Care Agency

Short term fostering provides children and young people placements for a few weeks while plans are made for the child or young person’s future.

Long term fostering is for some children and young people who need a home to live in until they are old enough to live independently.

Parent and child placements support parents who need guidance and support in learning to care for their babies. Foster carers with parent and child placements work alongside a team of professionals in order to appraise the parent’s capability to look after the child as well as providing them with on going support.

Unaccompanied children and young people from outside of the UK that need a home. We have a wealth of experience in this area and offer as standard 24/7 support from our experienced social workers. Foster carers would be expected to advocate and support them in accessing services.

We strongly believe that siblings should be kept together, where this is in the children’s best interests. Maintaining positive relationships is key for the stability and emotional well being of children and young people. We need foster carers with the time and appropriate sleeping arrangements to accommodate sibling groups of varying sizes.

Respite care is sometimes referred to as a planned break. It is when full-time carers need a short-break or during a time when they can’t look after a child or young person for a short period of time. Respite carers provide the same support as full-time foster carers during placement.

Children and young people with a disability need additional support and time. Foster carers need to have the knowledge and skills to meet their needs.

Specialist placements are specifically designed to support and care for children or young people who have experienced neglect, trauma, abuse or a series of placement breakdowns and present very complex needs. Therapeutic support will be offered to these placements. Foster carers with specialist placements work closely with professionals to ensure that both themselves and the child or young person have the required level of support during each placement.

In England and Wales children and young people can be ‘remanded’ by the court to the care of a Local Authority and placed with a skilled Foster Carer in this area of fostering.

Short break foster care is where disabled children or children with special needs or behavioural difficulties enjoy a short stay on a pre-planned, regular basis with a foster family.

Bridging placements are required when a child needs to stay temporarily with a foster family until they move to a long term arrangement.

Children and young people who need somewhere to stay at short notice.

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