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Driving & Working: Can I Still Foster?


Being able to drive is not required of foster carers, although it is desirable.

Carers do need to know the fostering role comes with several responsibilities – including taking their foster child to and from school, to contact meetings as well as attending several regular training sessions and meetings for themselves.

There are good public transport links in the surrounding areas that we operate. So long as carers are willing and able to use these public transport links to fulfil the fostering role, we do not require carers to hold a driving license.


Working needs to be managed around the needs of the child, since it is considered a 24/7 vocation. Here at TFCA, we do not rule out any potential carers who want to continue to work whilst fostering, and this is the same for both single carers and couples who want to foster.

Due to the number of responsibilities that are expected of a foster carer, we do expect that carers are working in jobs which offer flexible working hours which are compatible with the type of fostering that they will be doing.

With Parent and Child placements, however, it is much more necessary for carers to be at home since it is not permitted to leave a parent and their child foster family alone.

If you have any questions about your working or driving circumstances, or if there is any information that you would like to discuss further, click here.